Högström / Hegstrom family history

The Hegstrom / Högström family saga starts 1802 in Mora, Dalarna, Sweden. This was the year when Anders Olsson was born as an son to the soldier Olof Ersson-Skytt (Skytt=sniper) and his wife Anna Ersdotter i the village Bonäs.  Anders later on took the name Högström  (probably after the parish Hög in Hälsingland where he later lived). In USA Högström has been altered to Hegstrom instead. Today there are probably more descendants living in USA than in Sweden. (Family tree - ancestors to Anders)

Anders Olsson-Högström 1802 Mora  -1852  Hög

Anders was son to the soldier Olof Ersson-Skytt in Bonäs Mora parish, in Dalarna. He moved to another farm in the same village when he was 10 yrs old (Bonäs 85, 1812). In 1823 he moved to Harmångers parish in Hälsingland and started to work as a farmhelp. In october 1824 he moved to Hudiksvall and at that time the priest wrote following judgement of him. "The farmhelp Anders Olsson, born 1802 in Mora, came from Bergsjö, single, honest and good-natured".

In Hudiksvall he worked as an farmhelp (1825-29) to the member of Magistrates Court and businessman Jonas Steinbeck.  He now called himself Anders Högström. He then became sailor (1830-33) and worked for the fisherman Lars Forsberg.  In 1834 he moved to Håsta Udde in Hudiksvall where he worked for the inspector R.Ehrengren.

Inga BritaMorin, daugter to the shoemaster Lars Morin and his wife Christina Skoglund moved to Hudiksvall in 1829 (19 yrs old). She worked as an maid to the doctor Samuel Wallin. In 1832 she moved to Håsta Udde and began to work for inspector R.Ehrengren. In november 1834 she left Hudiksvall and moved to the farm Håsta 1 in Hälsingtuna parish. The vicar described her to be an "honest person, free for marriage". In 1835 she married the farmforeman Anders Högström. She had an written approval from her father Lars Morin in Söderhamn.

In 1837 the family left Håsta for the rectory in the same parish and 1844 they moved to Norrbo parish where Anders became a tenant farmer in the village Bästdahl and Stensgiärde. In 1852 they settled in Åsak, Högs parish and only 6 months later, Anders died in the age of 50. Inga Brita Morin stayed in Åsak, raised her children and died there 1877.

They had seven children and today there are descendants in Sweden after Carl Fredrik Högström (1849) and in USA after Lars Olof Högström (1839), Per Gustaf Hegstrom (1842), Augusta Sophia (1844).

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